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Use Cases

Pull content effortlessly into conversations with buyers.

Who Content Camel Helps

Content Camel creates value across all your core Go-To-Market teams.

Sales Reps

Get empowered with the right content to have the right conversations. Generate more pipeline and close more deals.

Content Marketing

Have a centralized hub for all content, track performance, ensure sales uses your assets and prove the impact of content.

Sales Enablement

Create a system for on-the-job training and ongoing support for sales reps to ramp up faster to meet quota and targets. 

Product Marketing

Ensure Sales Reps and Engineers are empowered with the latest product updates, market data and competitor analysis.

Content Camel works with your favorite tools

Discover and access content in your existing sales workflows.


Pull relevant content into emails with prospects to help educate them, to maintain lines of communication and  to move deals to the next stage faster.

Salesforce (and all other CRMs)

Help deals get from lead to opportunity to closed won by sending prospects the right content and the right time.

SalesLoft and

Pull content into your sales cadences and one-off emails to increase conversions from Sales Accepted Leads to Sales Qualified Leads. 

Drift, Intercom, Hubspot

Leverage content to improve interactions on Conversational Marketing platforms.

Enable your teams everywhere.

Bring your content together in one place, enable your sales team to have better conversations with prospects, prove the impact of content marketing and close more deals.

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