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Marketing content
and sales content
in one place.

No more insane drive folders. Search, find, share, and track content everywhere with our sales enablement tools.
Built for your current marketing and sales stack

Marketing empowering Sales at every stage

Sales doesn’t just magically receive down-funnel leads after sequenced touchpoints from Marketing.

You know that now more than ever buyers are doing their own evaluation and are dropping into the sales conversation all across your funnel.

So, meet your buyer where they are and put your great content to work with Content Camel sales enablement tools.

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(Gartner) Marketing the New Way
Organize Google Drive for Sales Enablement

Enable Sellers and Marketers to deliver the right content

Your team can’t use what they can’t find. Content Camel unravels the mystery of sales enablement and your collateral: PDFs, blog posts, videos, webpages, webinars, links, battlecards, decks – all in one place.

Upload content directly into Content Camel or link to the original location of the asset.

Organized for Sellers and Marketers

Configure funnel stages, content types, and tags, so Sales knows which assets to use at each key point of the sales process.

Finally, a sales enablement tool that’s a great fit for both Sales and Marketing.

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Organize funnel stage, content types for Sales Enablement
Organize drive for Sales Enablement

Rapid rollout and fast adoption

Most sales enablement tools and content management solutions are overly complicated and too complex to quickly roll out to your team.

With Content Camel as your sales enablement tool, you’ll give everyone access to content that converts – wherever they are working – with our Chrome Extension.

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Deliver personalized pages in minutes

Accelerate pipeline and your buyer’s decision making process with super easy content grouping and publishing as branded pages.

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Content experiences and customized buyer journeys

Wrangle your content. Drop the Drive.

Bring your content together in one place, enable your sales team to have better conversations with prospects, prove the impact of content marketing and close more deals.

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