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Looking for a Paperflite

In the sales enablement space, many companies like Paperflite, Highspot, Showpad, and Seismic are hustling to get you on their enterprise sales enablement software. And you shoulder the costs – to fund their large sales teams and massive marketing budgets.

If you want a Paperflite alternative that:

  • prioritizes features your Marketing and Sales teams will use

  • keeps your recurring software costs low

  • allows you to put more budget towards content and campaigns…

then check out Content Camel!

  • No setup fees

  • No contracts

Free trial - no credit card required

Paperflite alternative Paperflite alternative

How Content Camel compares to Paperflite

Content Camel Paperflite
Free trial Talk to Sales
Pricing $15/user/month
(annual contracts)
Setup fee None Yes
Content Management
Content Experiences
Content Analytics
Content Requests X
Chrome extension Works everywhere
Use in Salesloft, Outreach, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Gmail, and more
Rapid seller adoption
Implementation Days Weeks
Contract Monthly
(no lock-in)
Annual only

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Start streamlining your sales today

Easy to set up. Easy to roll out. Instant adoption across Sales and Marketing. Consider how Content Camel can help you drive more value from your content and close deals faster.
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Sales enablement gallery

Your content - optimized for Sales and Marketing.

You know the situation – shared folders on shared folders with no context. No idea if the content (ebooks, decks, white papers, one-pagers, battlecards) is up to date. No idea if it’s the right asset that you should send at the stage your deals are in. And that’s if you can even find it.

You also know that marketing and sales isn’t a linear process. Prospects are engaging across all parts of your funnel, and your teams have created great content, but that only matters if it’s used. Just like Paperflite, Content Camel acts as a content management system for all your internal and external sales collateral, allows you to centralize sales plays, enhances marketing-sales feedback and communication, and provides customizable buyer engagement experiences.

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Sales enablement browser extensions

Give your sales team the ability to pull in the right piece of content into their existing workflows in Gmail, Salesforce, Drift, Salesloft and more.

Paperflite works well with tools like Gmail, just like Content Camel. And just like Paperflite, Content Camel is designed to work with all of your web apps.

In addition to finding and viewing content, you’ll give users the ability to get notifications when sharing with recipients.

Boom 💥 Someone just viewed that deck you sent over. Great time to follow up 👍.

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Sales enablement browser extension
Sales enablement search

Search better

Intelligent search. Smart search. AI-enabled search. Fuzzy matching. Whatever you call it, our search is the most advanced under-the-hood and that means your users will be able to actually find what they are looking for.

New users ramp quickly because they can filter down on content types and funnel stages answering questions like “what are the top assets used by the team to build awareness?”

All users benefit from advanced search that applies matching based on phrases and partial words along with our ability to index metadata (like info from your blog posts) to make sure no great content goes unfound.

But you know what? Admins love our reporting that shows what’s being searched for and also what’s not being found, so you can adapt your strategy based on real search volumes.

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Content folders. Content collections. Content playbooks. Like Paperflite collections, collections in Content Camel allow you to group content in meaningful sets to speed up reps drilling down into the right content.

Content can exist across many collections and with one click a collection can become a personalized site. Perfect for your ABM and content-driven campaigns.

Collections really do enable easy grouping, filtering and personalization of content.

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Sales content collections
Sales buyer experiences

Personalized buyer experiences

Based on collections, easily give sellers the ability to deliver tailored microsite pages for your prospects. Great for ABM and personalized followup. Or use them for partner channel enablement. Or use them as marketing resource pages.

Imagine giving your entire team the ability to create pages that are on-brand, personalized, and speak directly to the buyer. What would they collect up?

Whatever you do with site pages, we know it’ll be awesome. And simple. And easy.

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Getting budget for more great content starts with measuring the impact. Did anyone use those last launch materials? The latest deck? Now you’ll know.

From content aging to distribution of content by funnel stage, you’ll be able to understand your content performance with a whole new perspective. Review the leaderboard to discover how your team is activating. Get reports on the top searches, what’s not found, and automate your work of sending out the weekly new-content added over email.

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Sales enablement analytics

Enterprise features like Paperflite.
Pricing that fits your budget now.

Unlike Paperflite, we don’t have direct sales or investors to pay back. We do have a dedication to building features you’ll actually use and making sure that you get the most out of them. We think everyone should be able to deliver a great sales experience to their prospects and customers.
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Wrangle that Drive or Box.
Increase sales effectiveness.

Today, you’re probably using Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box to try and organize your customer-facing and internal sales materials. But your drives are a jumble of internal and external docs, work in progress, and content that you have no idea whether it’s up to date or not. With all those messy folders, it’s hard to find what you need when you need it and even harder to figure out if it’s accurate.
So that makes Paperflite an option, because 25%+ of your Marketing budget might be going to content, but 70% of that content won’t ever be used by Sales. But unless you have a zillion sales reps and an uncapped budget for sales enablement, you’ll find it difficult to navigate the costs of sales enablement software.

At Content Camel, we think all Marketing and Sales teams should be the most effective and efficient they can be, and we’re here to help with that. Together, let’s:

  • Reduce the wasted time Sales Reps are spending looking for content (Up to 43 hours per month!).

  • Increase the delivery of the right content at the right time with easily organized assets that map to your buyer’s journey.

  • Decrease time-to-close with tailored content experiences and increasing the Sales-Marketing feedback loop.

  • Save over 60% on the cost of sales enablement alternatives.

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We know that evaluating tools for your sales stack is tricky which is why we’ve put together a master list of sales enablement software that we think is worth checking out.
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Who is Paperflite a best fit for?

Paperflite describes itself as a “The best rated sales content management software” and “The smartest way to create custom microsites for your sales content and track results”. If you want to pay additionally for interactive landing pages or engage creative design services, Paperflite might be a fit for you.

If you are looking for a simple and fast approach to enable sales with findable content and the ability to customize buyer experiences, then Content Camel is a fantastic fit.

Is Content Camel right for me and my team?

Content Camel is designed for small and medium sized teams that are focused on improving their sales productivity and making the most out of their existing marketing budget for content. We’ve designed for enterprise-scale performance, delivered at SMB pricing, but with features that make individual reps ramp up quickly and stick with the product.

Content Camel is easy to admin and is a fantastic fit for teams with about 5-150+ users.

How much does Content Camel cost?

Unlike most of the enterprise sales enablement solutions (like Paperflite), Content Camel starts at just $15 per user (or $12.75/mo annually), with no minimum, no set up costs, and no expensive consulting necessary. That’s a huge savings of over 60% vs Paperflite that we’d love to see you plow back into great content for your team!

You can learn more [here on our pricing page](/pricing/) and compare that to [Paperflite pricing](

How long does it take to roll out Content Camel to my team?

Content Camel is designed to fit the needs of small and medium sized, fast moving teams.

Most teams roll out Content Camel the first or second week after signing up -- after they’ve added and imported their most valuable marketing and sales assets.

What type of content can I store in Content Camel?

Content Camel allows you to store all content including PDFs (eg ebooks, white papers, battlecards), web page links (eg blog posts, customer stories, industry articles), videos (Youtube, Vimeo, uploaded), decks (eg Powerpoint/Keynote slides), images (eg infographics), and sales-focused video content.

You can keep content internal (not shared) if you want. Perfect for decks.
You can easily store web page links (eg blog posts) -- not the easiest thing to do if you're using drives/boxes today!

Does Content Camel offer integrations with ____ ?

Content Camel can be used seamlessly with all web apps via our Chrome and Edge Extension.

That means Content Camel can deliver content into tools like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Gmail, Outlook Web, Salesloft, Outreach, Hubspot, and more.

You can try Content Camel right now

Bring your content together in one place, enable your sales team to have better conversations with prospects, increase Marketing-Sales communication, and prove the impact of content marketing today.

Close more deals.

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Add and import content

We make it easy to add or link to your existing marketing and sales collateral.


Invite admins and users

Invite marketers, product marketers, sales enablement admins, and sales reps and control access levels, or just get started on your own.


Install the Browser Extension

Add the Content Camel Chrome Extension or the Microsoft Edge Extension, the fastest way to have access to your content everywhere.