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Sales enablement


Content Camel is a streamlined, easy to use, and easy to roll out sales enablement solution to help guide sales and close deals faster.

The end to frustrating search. Everything you need for sales success

Content Management

Share and Track Content

Buyer Experiences

Rethink your Google Drive, Dropbox or pricey legacy sales content portal with easy to rollout and easy to adopt marketing and sales content management tools. Organize marketing collateral for sales success by setting funnel stages, content types, and tags.

Advanced search

Organized for Sales


65% of marketing content isn’t used by Sales, but you can avoid that with automatic short links, our sales content management Chrome extension, recipient tracking, and intelligent search to deliver the right content at the right time to close more deals.

Rapid adoption

Smart shortlinks

Sharing analytics

Quickly roll out personalized content experiences to support prospect and customer campaigns. Reduce your sales cycle by enabling buyer self-service. Drive more sales conversations with curated marketing collateral that enables sales to shared custom pages and track engagement in real time.

Seller Configured Pages

Personalized Content


The same. But different.

Get the ease of use of a Google Drive or Dropbox, but the organization and sales enablement features of bloated enterprise solutions.

We don’t hide behind forms and a complicated sales process. See for yourself how Content Camel delivers the best sales enablement tool.

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Advanced search built for sales and marketing

Finding that buried asset can be frustrating. For new team members, it can be impossible.

Discover how Content Camel’s advanced search and organization by funnel stage, content type, and more enable users to find what they’re looking for fast. All organized for sales and marketing wins.

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Turn sales collateral into sites that convert

Our sharing starts with automatic shortlinks on your own branded domain, but you and your users will also be able to create collections of content tailored for each buyer.

The fastest way to create content microsites, Content Camel Sites makes it easy to showcase your best content.

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(Content) Details that matter

Set the funnel stage. Categorize by type. Tag it. Mark it internal-only for assets like price lists and internal decks. Configure a custom shortlink.

Take a quick look at how details in Content Camel let you position the web links, video, PDFs, docs, and presentations that drive your sales team forward.

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Content feedback for informed decisions

Content Camel gives your team the power to upvote content, sales requests, and pin favorite content.

Besides great team collaboration, this gives you additional insights into what content is valued, being used, and contributing to closing deals.

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Closed-loop feedback with sales requests

As a marketer it’s hard to get consistent feedback from the Sales team. As a seller, it’s a challenge to understand how to make meaningful sales content requests. That’s why we added wishlists and sales content requests to Content Camel.

In this quick overview, see how easy it is to contribute and upvote sales requests from within the webapp or browser extension.

Understand content performance →

Increase sales effectiveness

Bring your content together in one place, enable your sales team to have better conversations with prospects, increase Marketing-Sales communication, and prove the impact of content marketing.

Close more deals.


Add and import content

We make it easy to add or link to your existing marketing and sales collateral.


Invite admins and users

Invite marketers, product marketers, sales enablement admins, and sales reps and control access levels, or just get started on your own.


Install the Browser Extension

Add the Content Camel Chrome Extension or the Microsoft Edge Extension, the fastest way to have access to your content everywhere.