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At Content Camel, we know that Marketing and Sales are the engines that keep companies growing. Growth means more success for customers and more opportunity for employees. We believe the tools for that growth should be accessible to all companies and teams – not just the largest enterprises.


Founded by Dave Shanley, Content Camel is Dave’s latest company after a successful run from founding startup CTO to NYSE-traded public company executive (growing over 50% YoY), to data analytics startup CEO (exited), and mid-stage growth executive (> 45M ARR). Content Camel seeks to answer Dave’s questions about the power of Go to Market models, being different, and serving customers in the marketing and sales enablement space with a fresh perspective.

👉 See Dave's take on [marketing messaging](/blog/how-to-create-a-persona-template/), [product marketing messaging](/blog/the-best-product-messaging-template/), and [sales enablement](/blog/what-sales-enablement-tools-should-you-have/) here.


We’re founded and based in Portland, Oregon. We are a fully remote team that spans borders and brings all the hustle, scrappiness, and experience that the best of the West Coast + the world offers.


We’re a small group of international, experienced, passionate, dedicated and friendly people who love to build applications that support teams working better together. We rely on our team's diverse experience and perspectives to tackle hard problems make every day better than the last.