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Dead simple marketing and sales content management

Take control of your Google Drive, Dropbox, and SharePoint marketing and sales content. Learn More
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Everything you need for sales enablement success

Content Management

Share and Track Content

Buyer Experiences

Rethink your Google Drive, Dropbox or legacy sales content portal with easy to rollout and easy to adopt marketing and sales content management tools. Organize marketing collateral for sales success by setting funnel stages, content types, and tags.

Advanced search

Organized for Sales


65% of marketing content isn’t used by Sales, but you can avoid that with automatic short links, our sales content management Chrome extension, and intelligent search to deliver the right content at the right time to close more deals.

Rapid adoption

Smart shortlinks

Sharing analytics

Quickly roll out personalized content experiences to support prospect and customer campaigns. Reduce your sales cycle by enabling buyer self-service. Drive more sales conversations with curated marketing collateral that enables sales to shared custom pages and track engagement in real time.

Seller Configured Pages

Personalized Content


Our sales enablement tool is different.

Go beyond Drive folders to get organized, deliver powerful notifications to Sales, engage buyers, and make decisions with the analytics you need to succeed with your already winning content.

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Sales content management gallery

Bring all your content together in one place

Align content marketing, product marketing and sales enablement by bringing all their assets together inside Content Camel.

Give sales reps the eBooks, datasheets, white papers, blog posts, and videos they need to serve buyers and close deals faster.

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Sales content management content import

Easily add offline and online content

Content Camel is designed to organize online content like blog posts and offline content like PDFs and spreadsheets.

Pick up where Google Drive, Box, Dropbox leave off by helping your sales organizations take advantage of top performing blog posts, industry articles, and marketing collateral organized by funnel stage and content type.

Bulk import or add assets individually from Google Drive, URLs, or via direct upload.

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Google Drive

How to import a CSV for sales content management

Rapid import. Tools for staying organized.

Take your existing content mapping, sales collateral, and marketing collateral inventory spreadsheets and upload all assets into Content Camel together.

Organize assets with content funnel stages, content types, and content tags.

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Google Sheets

Improve content discovery

Make sure sellers and marketers find what they’re looking for every time by easily mapping your content to funnel stages, content types (like eBooks, battlecards, blog posts), and tags.

By assigning funnel stages and asset types, you’ll know what content is getting stale and what content drives the most engagement across prospects and customers.

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How to define funnel stages for sales content management

Add custom tags

Create and manage custom content tags to add additional context to content assets.

Identify and filter assets by campaign, vertical, industry, and persona. Use tags to flag assets that need to be updated.

Then, go beyond tags to add positioning statements and user-facing information for each asset as you refine your sales plays.

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How to set tags to manage your sales content

Start streamlining your sales today

Easy to set up. Easy to roll out. Instant adoption across Sales and Marketing. Discover how Content Camel can help you drive more value from your content and close deals faster.
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An extension for sales content management

Works everywhere you do

Rollout and adopt Content Camel as your sales content management tool right now whether your team is 5, 50, or 500.

Our Chrome extension allows your team to access all the content that admins set up and categorize. Filter by your favorites and see what’s been voted up by others.

More than just the best content search, find, and sharing capabilities, our extension improves Sales and Marketing communication with the ability to add wished-for content.

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Create personalized sales content

Unlock personalized sales content

Remove the barriers to marketers and sellers in creating custom, personalized pages of marketing and sales collateral with collections and sites in Content Camel.

Quickly curate existing and new assets and publish as pages complete with your branded domain and style settings.

The future of Sales is personalized content and one-to-one messaging, and Content Camel makes it super simple to speed your buyers' evaluation process.

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Create short urls for content

Stay consistent and on-brand

Content Camel gives you multiple ways to express your brand and stay consistent in your sales process.

Configure custom short URLs for individual assets, set up your own custom domain for all assets, and simply set your brand colors and logo for personalize content experience pages.

Create short urls for content

Collect content requests from Sales

Improve Marketing-Sales feedback loops to understand what’s working and what’s need.

Sales reps can directly requests pieces of content that will help them close deals through the Wishlist functionality inside Content Camel. Sellers can upvote wishes to increase signal on what’s needed, and marketers can provide feedback on what’s in progress.

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Simple access controls

Organize your prospect and customer content library according to your sales cycle and company’s sales process.

Some solutions are only designed for sharing content, but Content Camel offers internal vs external content flagging, so you can confidently add sales decks, battlecards, price lists, and other internal content that shouldn’t be directly shared.

Keep all your sales training and sales plays in one place – in one solution and right next to marketing collateral critical to advancing your sales process.

Enable sales content tool access controls

Straightforward user roles

Give salespeople different access than content marketers, product marketers and sales enablement team members to control who can add assets and control branding and who has access rights.

Empowers sellers to build their own content pages for personalized selling while remaining consistent and on-brand.

Easily create access roles for content

Understand how content is performing

It’s mostly a blackbox to Marketing, Product Marketing, and Sales teams how their content is actually performing. Content Camel offers realtime metrics and engagement insights, so you can get the most value from your content investment.
Understand what sales content is popular

Collect upvote data on all content

Sales reps can upvote the content that helps them during their sales conversations, so you can double-down based on feedback.

In addition to reporting on upvotes, you can track real time stats for favorited content and also upvoted content wishes.

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Understand sales enablement analytics

Complete content analytics

With each asset having it’s own smart shortlink, get real time share and view metrics. Roll up engagement numbers by content type and funnel stage. Quickly build your own views and export reports for proving the value of your sales collateral.

Understand what content needs refreshing and perform detailed content audits without the headaches of outdated monster spreadsheets.

Increase sales effectiveness

Bring your content together in one place, enable your sales team to have better conversations with prospects, increase Marketing-Sales communication, and prove the impact of content marketing.

Close more deals.


Add and import content

We make it easy to add or link to your existing marketing and sales collateral.


Invite admins and users

Invite marketers, product marketers, sales enablement admins, and sales reps and control access levels, or just get started on your own.


Install the Browser Extension

Add the Content Camel Chrome Extension or the Microsoft Edge Extension, the fastest way to have access to your content everywhere.