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Marketing Templates

How to win with the best marketing messaging

Great content starts with great messaging. If you're looking for consistent and repeatable messaging across your team, campaigns, and content, start here with our persona template.


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Better content search means better content finding


Custom domains, thumbnails, and bulk import


The best product messaging template *ever*

Marketing Strategy + Tips

Develop winning content that converts and deliver qualified leads to Sales without breaking a sweat.

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How to create a one-pager for Sales

Learn how to effectively enable sales with this killer approach to creating one-pagers

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Sales Enablement

Sales tips and tactics that drive deals forward. Maximize the impact of your outreach, follow up, and connecting buyers with solutions.

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Sales playbook insights from 3 leaders

Turn hard-won sales strategy lessons into your own playbook for sales

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In a world of overpriced choices that might slow you down instead of speeding you up, you have options and alternatives.

A Highspot Competitor that's a real alternative

Highspot sales enablement can get a great choice, but Content Camel is a better fit for most teams. Dig into the quick comparison here.

Help Center

Discover how to set up custom domains, share items for follow up, and more.

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Browse the latest articles on sales enablement, marketing, sales, and go to market.


Sales Enablement Directory

The top sales enablement tools and categories like sales content management, lead gen, call tracking and more.

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Google Drive Resource Center

Google Drive tags, sharing video, creating links and more.

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Organize your content. Share, track, report on usage.

Avoid the crazy mess of files and folders.
Easily organize your content for marketing and sales.
Build collections, easily share, and get notified on engagement.

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