It’s no mystery that file and asset management is a critical function for managing marketing and sales activities. In fact, we think managing marketing collateral and sales collateral in an effective way is one of the most foundational pieces for running an effective marketing function.

Your setup will make or break your effectiveness if you are trying to wrangle content for a team of AEs and SDRs. It will mean the difference between just having Click Through Rate (CTR) on your marketing campaigns and really knowing what assets are being engaged with. So much revolves around what content is being used and how it’s being used.

Google Drive is often the go-to solution for organizing a content library. It has a lot of great features, for sure, and being part of the world’s productivity suite makes it that much more ubiquitous.

The challenge is that it’s actually not that easy to accomplish some of the things you’d like to do with Google Drive (like tag files, create short links, share video, and more), so we put these resources on getting the most out of Google Drive together. And, if you’re totally maxed out on Google Drive and want to try an alternative for enabling your sales and marketing teams, we’ll be here at Content Camel to support you in a better way 🙌