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Audit Template

Messy drives and crazy folders aren’t going to stop you from making the most of your best content!
With our free template, you’ll be able to organize your content by funnel stage, content type, and get some instant reports.

Easy to use, fast to update.

Looking to build a content library for all your marketing and sales assets? \

Try Content Camel:

• to track shares and views of your content
get notified when prospects view content
enable Sales with content (and make sure they use it) \

  • understand content performance across tools \

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Sales isn’t using your content 😞

What a bummer. All that winning content lost in drives, folders never to be used in open opportunities.
It’s easy to get organized in Content Camel and close deals with content.
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Sales enablement search

Less searching, more finding

Intelligent search. Smart search. AI-enabled search. Fuzzy matching. Whatever you call it, our search is the most advanced under-the-hood and that means your users will be able to actually find what they are looking for.

New users ramp quickly because they can filter down on content types and funnel stages answering questions like “what are the top assets used by the team to build awareness?”

All users benefit from advanced search that applies matching based on phrases and partial words along with our ability to index metadata (like info from your blog posts) to make sure no great content goes unfound.

But you know what? Admins love our reporting that shows what’s being searched for and also what’s not being found, so you can adapt your strategy based on real search volumes.

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7+ people in the buying process. How are you engaging?

There’s a heap of buyers in the decision process of your sales cycle and your prospects are going to touch 3-4 assets before even engaging with you.

Is the Sales team even using the latest assets?

Are sales reps notified when prospects are engaging with content?

Can reps quickly build on-brand content resource pages for personalized selling?

Content Camel helps you keep content fresh and being used every day to close deals.

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Sales content collections


Getting budget for more great content starts with measuring the impact. Did anyone use those last launch materials? The latest deck? Now you’ll know.

From content aging to distribution of content by funnel stage, you’ll be able to understand your content performance with a whole new perspective. Review the leaderboard to discover how your team is activating. Get reports on the top searches, what’s not found, and automate your work of sending out the weekly new-content added over email.

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Sales enablement analytics

Wrangle that Drive or Box.
Use content to close deals.

25%+ of your Marketing budget might be going to content, but 70% of that content won’t ever be used by Sales or viewed by most prospects.

At Content Camel, we think all Marketing and Sales teams should be the most effective and efficient they can be, and we’re here to help with that. Together, let’s:

  • Reduce the wasted time Sales Reps are spending looking for content (Up to 43 hours per month!).

  • Increase the delivery of the right content at the right time with easily organized assets that map to your buyer’s journey.

  • Decrease time-to-close with tailored content experiences and increasing the Sales-Marketing feedback loop.

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Bring your content together in one place, enable your sales team to have better conversations with prospects, increase Marketing-Sales communication, and prove the impact of content marketing today.

Close more deals.

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Add and import content

We make it easy to add or link to your existing marketing and sales collateral.


Invite admins and users

Invite marketers, product marketers, sales enablement admins, and sales reps and control access levels, or just get started on your own.


Install the Browser Extension

Add the Content Camel Chrome Extension or the Microsoft Edge Extension, the fastest way to have access to your content everywhere.