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Resource centers that convert

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Combine blogs, PDFs, videos into a single page

As a marketer, you want to control the experience delivered (is it on brand?), and as a seller you want to execute that follow up quickly. With Content Camel, stop distracting buyers by sending them all over the place (your blog, some Youtube video, Google Drive / Sharepoint / Dropbox) and bring everything together under one simple link.

✅ Organize content.

✅ Build a collection.

✅ Publish a site.

👉 Track and share the branded link with prospects 🎉

Attain sales landing page nirvana in record time and give your team the power to do more with your content today.

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Combine all content into one site page

You’re not still selling the old way are you?

Guide Buyers

Share and Track Content

Organize Content

In a couple of clicks, give sellers the ability to bundle content (ebooks, datasheets, videos, etc) and personalize the delivery of content as a single page to guide that prospect in their next steps. That means you’re meeting buyers on their terms and using all your existing sales collateral to get deals closed.

Enable Sellers

Build in Seconds

Personalize Followup

Use all your content in your marketing campaigns and sales process – with the tracking to prove it. Know what content isn’t being used, isn’t being seen, or needs a refresh.\n"


Smart shortlinks

Sharing analytics

Rethink your messy Google Drive, Dropbox or Sharepoint folders with smart search based on flexible tagging and structured categories built for sales and marketing. Associate content with funnel stages, content types, industries / verticals, products & services, and regions.

Advanced search

For Marketing + Sales



Give Sales the Power of Perfect Followup

Deepdives, one-pagers, ebooks, and decks – all the content sellers need to provide buyers, so they can personalize and guide the selling process to stay top of mind and drive urgency.

And follow up when the prospect engages.

And win deals.

If you’re still selling the old way with ad-hoc emails and a jumble of resources, try Content Camel and drive your follow up with a personalized approach that is just a few clicks away.

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Yes, this is a published collection embedded right here. We use Content Camel 🙌
Change boring links into an engaging buyer experience

Pages easy. And fast

The way you build landing pages for the typical marketing campaign (a single gated asset, slow to build and deploy) isn’t a fit for your sales process or when you just want to embed a resource page of existing assets into your site or follow up with prospects.

Content Camel makes building and turning collections of assets into compelling resource center pages – complete with PDF flipbook views and trackable shortlinks – dead easy. Rather than a bulleted list of dumb links in your sales follow up, why not deliver dedicated pages that speak directly to your prospects?

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Embedded Resource Pages in Seconds

From Google Drive, Sharepoint, or Dropbox to an embedded marketing resource page or sales catalog in an instant.

Take advantage of our view notifications, flipbook PDF view, and detailed analytics to showcase your content that helps buyer, customers, and partners make the decision to move forward.

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Customers embed published collections right on their websites with Wordpress and other platforms 👍

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Dead simple content organization, sharing + notification for sales, and content attribution for marketers.

Close more deals.

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Add and import content

We make it easy to add or link to your existing marketing and sales collateral.


Invite admins and users

Invite marketers, product marketers, sales enablement admins, and sales reps and control access levels, or just get started on your own.


Install the Browser Extension

Add the Content Camel Chrome Extension or the Microsoft Edge Extension, the fastest way to have access to your content everywhere.