Confluence Wiki Alternative for Marketing and Sales

Confluence Wiki Alternative for Marketing and Sales

Confluence: A Corporate Wiki

Confluence is a corporate wiki that definitely brings heightened collaboration to teams and some marketing and sales teams are using Confluence for sales content management and sales playbooks.

Maybe that’s you and your team?

If so, that means with Confluence you can bring your entire team together on one platform to access any specific piece of information and manage projects. It increases transparency across the organization for all ongoing projects, daily activities, and resources vital to your business.

And while your Confluence wiki consolidates complicated systems into a simplified version, assisting all of your teams to operate and create content in their dedicated spaces, it’s maybe a better fit for the tech team than your go to market efforts.

In Atlassian Confluence, collaboration spaces are like dashboards for each department such as design, development, human resource, etc. Within these spaces, users can; create tasks and calendars, share documents and progress reports, and refer to support resources. With Confluence, you can stay in one place and have access to all of your best resources.

As you’ve discovered, with so many features, Confluence is a jack of all trades and master of none. And more than that, Confluence is missing the key features that marketing teams need and are critical for sales success.

Still managing sales assets the old way?

Share and track collateral with Content Camel

So where exactly does Confluence fall short? Are there any better Confluence alternatives?

To answer these questions we’ve compared Confluence side by side with a powerful alternative: Content Camel.

Confluence vs. Content Camel

You know now what Confluence wiki is, but what’s Content Camel? Content Camel is the solution to your company’s content sales enablement needs.

Content Camel is sales content management software that enables marketers and sales reps to engage effectively with all the marketing and sales content within their reach to generate leads and close deals.

To simplify the comparison, we’ve broken down both to show you the difference:

Feature Confluence Content Camel
Document tracking X
Shortlinks X
Content collections Manual
Site pages Limited
Share analytics X
New content digest X
Tagging for Marketing X
Tagging for Sales X
General purpose wiki X

A trackable short link is created with an online tool that converts your lengthy (and ugly) URL into a short link that takes you to the same spot. Bonus points for having the link on your own domain.

And besides looking better, you get access to click analytics, add UTM parameters, and much more.

These trackable links enable you to evaluate your sales and marketing campaigns.

They also enable your sales team to track their shared assets across multiple platforms for winning patterns and timely followup.

It’s the insights that help you understand the performance of your link and evaluate the worth of your asset. That’s why sellers have moved to incorporating short links into their outreach and double-down on what’s working to provide a buyer experience that your competitors could only wish for.

How to customize a short url

With Content Camel you can easily configure custom short URLs for individual assets

It couldn’t be easier to create short links with Content Camel.

Content Camel is Sales Content Management software that enables marketing and sales teams to manage and organize their content to speed up the sales process. And while it offers many features to better manage your sales content, it offers auto-generated Smart URLs for shareable and accessible documents.

To generate the link, you go to your added asset, click link or share, and Content Camel will automatically create a short link that you can share across channels. You can also create branded short links if you have set up your custom domain in Content Camel.

Find out how to set up a custom domain in Content Camel.

How to set up a custom branded domain link

Create branded short links with Content Camel.

You can share these links across multiple platforms and target specific recipients so Sales can follow up at the right time of the sales cycle with appropriate content 🎉

An advanced short link taps into opportunities to provide more value through your short link.

What’s absolutely awesome about these smarter links is that you can customize your links for branding or personal flair. And these custom domains are easier to read, more eye-catching, and let your customers know what to expect when opening the link.

To take advantage of advanced shortlinks, you’ll configure DNS CNAME records to point the shortener at your own domain, and then set the path (end part) of the link with the keywords you want.

It becomes easier to sort them, helping your team to better organize the content. On top of that, custom short links are more memorable because they contain specific keywords that are associated with the linked sales document. That’s why users are more inclined towards trusting such a link by clicking it.

And an added bonus is advanced short URLs count as backlinks. So here’s to driving traffic on your business’ website and increasing your chances to rank higher on search engines.

While Content Camel is your one-stop solution to manage your marketing and sales content with link shortener services, there are many alternatives out there that only offer link shortening software.

While many are amazing on their own, it makes more sense to invest in a marketing and sales content management tool that offers short links rather than investing in a stand-alone tool for each feature you need. That way, you’ll get the analytics on what content is actually being used vs just click analytics. That’s the difference between making a decision with data and having simply vanity metrics.

Let’s compare some of the leading link shorteners with Content Camel:

Features Bitly Clickmeter Content Camel
Trackable Shortlinks
Custom Short Link
Organize content X X X
Notifications X X X
Track sharers X X X
Leaderboard X X X
Analytics Dashboard X
Audience Intelligence X
UTM Parameters ✓* ✓*

When you’re creating short links with Content Camel, you’ll be able to track your marketing documents and sales assets for customer behavior and evaluate the efforts of your sales operations through data-driven insights.

These insights are displayed on the dashboard, where you can see what specific assets are being used by the sales team and see what collateral is engaging leads.

It’s a smart short link that allows the tracking feature with a custom domain option to make it more memorable.

And, Content Camel is sales-specific software used by marketers and sellers to speeds up the sales cycle through these advanced short links to reach prospects across multiple channels. Easy to use and with rapid adoption, you’ll experience a seamless set-up while integrating it with your existing sales stack.

Another amazing feature that keeps Content Camel at the top of our biased list of recommendations is its browser extensions. The extensions makes sharing and associating your shared content with the recipient so much faster. You and your reps can access and share marketing content anytime and anywhere to meet the buyer at the right stage of the sales funnel.

And to top it off, these short URLs are absolutely perfect for your social media marketing; to drive more traffic to your sales content and appropriately target each prospect during the buyer’s journey.

It all makes Content Camel an excellent tool for your sales and marketing teams to execute competitive marketing strategies and win customers across channels.

Here’s just a few key features of Content Camel:

Organizing Content

Organizing your content is one feature that takes the cake because no one does it better than Content Camel 🍰

You can consolidate all your content in one place while aligning your sales and marketing assets together inside Content Camel. Helping your sales team to discover content faster to close deals.

All of this is happening on the dashboard, so you’re not navigating here and there to find your content. Making it easier for the entire team to access and locate the content right now. No more guessing where an asset is or constant question over chat.

How to customize a short url

Funnel stages, content types, tags make content discovery as seamless as possible.

With powerful search features, you can manage and organize your content by funnel stage, content type, industry, region, and by product/service. And with custom tags, you get to filter your assets by campaigns or anything that you need.

How to customize a short url

Add custom tags to each sales asset

While sharing is great, some assets are not for everyone to access, that’s where you get to set permissions. You control what content should be shared and keep track of all the relevant views while assigning straightforward user roles. Enabling your sales team to create content for personalized selling while remaining consistent and on-brand.

How to customize a short url

Easily limit externally shared collateral

Reporting on Document Usage

Another fact that makes Content Camel a great choice for your sales stack are the insights. Data is gathered through automatic and trackable short links which are converted into insights, helping you identify weaknesses and strengths in your content.

Based on the results of the analytics, you, the marketing team, sales enablement team, and sales team can make strategic decisions to fill in content gaps, update old assets, deploy new collateral, or work with the team to use existing assets that aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

How to customize a short url

Get access to actionable insights for each asset only on Content Camel

We cover all this in How to Track Documents in Hubspot if you want to see just how powerful Content Camel is 💥

Getting Started Now

Sales and Marketing collaboration requires access to automation and the right processes to achieve maximum potential.

“Sales and Marketing are both working towards the same goal: securing business and helping their company grow.”

That’s why more and more businesses are expanding their marketing and sales stack to include tools that enable their teams to maximize their potential.

Content Camel is specifically designed for sales and marketing teams to help them organize, access their data, and share files, links, videos, and other content easily with auto-generated tracking links, all from one place. Don’t waste time and money in external URL shortening services, because Content Camel allows you to do it where you already work - in your email client, CRM, or marketing automation software.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what sales enablement tools you should have in your sales stack, head over to our brief guide to making your decision on picking the right sales stack for your business needs.

And if you’re ready to get going with powerful shortlinks and content organization, sign up now for FREE!