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Master the Art of Objection Handling with 6 Winning Scripts to Make the Sale

Picture this: you’re on a call with a promising lead. The conversation flows smoothly, and you’re confident you’re about to close the deal. One second later, the prospect objects—one you’ve never heard of before. What was turning out to be a good sales call, soon turns into a mess as you struggle to offer a convincing response while watching that deal slip away. If this sounds too familiar, you’re not alone.

How to Create Impactful Datasheet Templates (With Examples)

A datasheet is a technical document that provides detailed information about a product or service. It offers a concise way to let prospective customers learn about your company’s offer and evaluate if it’s the right option. Whether you’re showcasing a new product or service, a datasheet can go a long way in concisely communicating your offer. The best ones usually follow best practices to make sure they’re effective. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using datasheets, 11 elements to craft an effective one, and tips to nail it on the first go.

13 Sales Call Script Templates to Convert Cold to Warm Leads

Sales reps are no strangers to cold calls that result in rude encounters and low conversion rates. Search any online forum, and you’ll see people complaining that they’re tired of all the “pitch slaps” and wish sales reps left them alone. As much as people seem to hate it, cold calling is not dead. A Rain Group report found that 70% of sellers successfully connect with potential buyers via phone. This is especially true if you sell to higher-level executives like Vice Presidents or C-suite executives.

Sales Feedback 101 - How to Offer Meaningful Feedback to Reps

Client-facing teams like sales are the first point of contact for a company. But many companies fail to do one thing: honing their rep’s skills. A Spekit report found that 52% of sales reps have left a job because of a lack of training opportunities. That’s not all. When it comes to hitting their sales targets, 43% of reps agree that ongoing training is a factor, while 65% of reps say that support from leadership is a factor.

Avoid the Endless Loop of Docs that Sales Ignores

“I created a one-pager 6 months back—and an AE just requested it to be created again. They had no idea this document existed.” This is something we hear far too often when marketers talk about content usage internally. When you add shared drives and terrible content management systems to the mix, that problem only gets worse with time. If you want to create a system that stops your content from going into the endless abyss of your shared drive, this guide is for you.

12 Tips for a Successful Sales Enablement Rollout You Can’t Miss

As companies understand the importance of sales enablement, they invest more time and resources to set up a robust sales program. There are always many hiccups when you roll out the program. It could be a lack of adoption of a sales enablement tool, ineffective training methods, or a lack of alignment between leadership and sales. Ultimately, it negatively impacts your deal cycles and client churn—preventing you from reaching your revenue goals for the year.

How To Measure Your Sales Enablement Efforts | Content Camel

Sales enablement is a term you may have heard bandied about in recent years, but what does it actually mean? Quite simply, it’s the process of equipping and empowering salespeople to sell more effectively. But measuring the effectiveness of sales enablement can be tricky. This article will explore some ways to measure the impact of your sales enablement efforts. We’ll look at how you can determine whether your team is engaging with the content you’re publishing, how your buyers are engaging with that content, and how you can close in on the gaps in your sales content strategy.

Battlecard Templates 101: What Are They & How to Create Them

Today’s buyers are well-informed, and their research goes beyond comparing product features. They want to know what sets your offer apart and why they should invest in you. The sooner you get that information to them, the higher the chances of a sale. But knowing exactly how your company differentiates itself in the market against specific competitors is a massive undertaking. This is where the power of battle cards comes into play.

How to Offer Sales Enablement Services as an Agency in 2024

Buying journeys have become complex. As more buyers get involved, sales reps find it harder to close more deals faster. This is one of the reasons why sales enablement is considered a critical business function. Buyers require constant engagement at every stage of the buying process—but many companies struggle to maintain this momentum. They don’t know how to engage or even what to do at which stage. This creates a ripe market opportunity for agencies to fill this gap for companies lacking a sales enablement plan.

Managing Sales Assets in Google Sheets

Managing Sales Assets in Google Sheets Google Drive is commonly used for a number of different purposes— even when it’s maybe not the best solution. It is, for example, often used to store and organize sales asset management, which is possible but not _ideal. _ When using Google Drive, sales teams frequently report issues like assets, not being able to track the right data around asset usage, or issues with permissions and access.

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