Product update - custom domains, thumbnails, bulk import, and more

Product update - custom domains, thumbnails, bulk import, and more

Our biggest update yet

Content Camel helps content marketers launch, measure, and manage the impact of their content and work closely with Sales Enablement to make sure the right content reaches your prospects at the right time.

We’re excited to fill you in that we’ve been hard at work with our biggest update yet that includes content thumbnails, bulk import, and custom domains.

We’ve been dodging this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals all week to bring this update directly to you. These new features join a growing powerhouse of capabilities like:

  • Import links as well as all the rest of your content (ebooks, decks, one-pagers, datasheets, battlecards) easily with drag and drop or direct from Google Drive.

  • Smart short URLs added for every publicly available asset

  • Customize short URLs with whatever name you choose (eg

  • Internal / external flag to clearly mark what shouldn’t be shared

  • Upvote and favorite content – and the analytics to see what’s a hit with the team

  • Quickly add wishlist items from the app or Chrome Extension – get a direct feed of what your teams want

  • Updated Chrome Extension – we waited on Google review for days and days to get this update approved and into your hands

  • Analytics, so you can prove the ROI of your content.

How can a custom domain help your sales enablement?


When you add content to Content Camel, we already automatically create a shortlink for you (eg, similar to a bitly link), but now – with custom domains – you can extend your brand to all of your content URLs.

Each share from the team will automatically be a trackable link, generating analytics for you, and building trust and credibility with your domain (eg

For the double win, you can configure a custom domain (eg and customize the path of any link (so /i3aSvyE becomes /how-to-forecast-sales), turning into, for example.

Lightning fast import of content


You’ve got that monster spreadsheet of all your buyer’s journey assets – PDFs, datasheets, ebooks, blog posts, decks – but it’s such a pain to keep that up to date, map it by funnel stage, and get started enabling sales from a central area.

Now you can take that spreadsheet and quickly get started with Content Camel with our rapid import capability. Fill in funnel stage, content type, tags, hit import, and we’ll take care of the rest!

And also import directly from Google Drive


So, maybe you have content in that monster spreadsheet AND Google Drive. We’ve all been there – there’s no central place for sales enablement content, and no consistent way of getting marketing content to the team. That’s why we’ve added direct import from Google Driveadd individual assets or select a whole folder. Authenticate, click, click, import, and you’re done. We love it so much too.

More than a pretty picture

Thumbnails for content means sales reps and the rest of the team can more quickly access the content they are looking for.


We’ve added auto-generated thumbnails for content, so in the search-find-share flow for team members using Content Camel to engage prospects and advance the sale or customer activation, they can be confident at a glance of what they are sharing. This is an area we’re committed to improving and investing in, because when the team uses your great content, you get better metrics and understanding of the ROI of that content.