Better content search means better content finding

Better content search means better content finding

Content tools for Sales and Marketing

Content Camel helps content marketers, product marketers, and sales teams to work closely together to get the most out of their winning content. And delivering the right content at the right time to prospects and customers starts with being able to find those assets. Quickly.

Given the pressure to deliver quarter after quarter, your sales and marketing teams don’t have a lot of time to spend digging into tools and folders while on the hunt for the latest ebook or that winning case study. You need to send it to the prospect now. Or follow up with that customer today to secure the account expansion.


Unfortunately, most drives and boxes like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, and even sales content management tools like Highspot put too many barriers and not enough organization in place for sales teams and marketing teams to search, find, and win with their best content.

So, this is an area we keep investing in.

Because it matters every day to you and your teams' success.

In addition to our award-winning search, we’ve expanded everything to include additional fields for supporting your go to market efforts, so you can even better organize your content now.

We’ve added:

  • Products
  • Industries (Verticals)
  • Regions

Organizing content by Product

So many of our customers (large and small) are selling a variety of different product and are managing content across many product lines. For the largest teams, sales teams are dedicated by product line and maybe your channel partners might only represent some of the overall product line up. That’s where a dedicated product field makes the most sense. Marketing can launch content intended for specific products only and know that reps can easily access only the right content for the relevant products their working with.

Organizing content by Industry

Whether all your reps are covering all the verticals or you have dedicated reps to specific industries and verticals, then taking advantage of a purpose-built field or organizing your content by industry makes a lot of sense. Combined with our user defaults for search, this makes is super simple to allow users to just see what content is important to them and their deals in progress.

Supports Sales by Region

As your marketing and sales content evolves to be localized to your supported regions, we’ve added the specific ability to set and manage content by region. Whether it’s your in-coutnry AEs, foreign channel partners, or resellers that you’re supporting, you’ll be able to combine the abilities of our region filter along with user default preferences, collections, and sites to enable sellers with locale-specific assets tailored for their market. All this without the hassle of trying to figure out how to overlay regions into a messy Googlde Drive, Dropbox, or Sharepoint folder structure.

Easy user settings to limit content

In a world of too much noise and not enough signal, being overwhelmed with marketing content or sales content isn’t going to work out well for your teams on the front lines. So, we give users easy control over limiting the content their searching and working.

How does it work?

Now, in user settings, users can set smart defaults that restrict all their content based on filters like region, industry, product, or tag.

Sales content management filters

These filters will then be used with each search and any browsing through content within your content library. So, if you’re an EMEA rep focused on the Manufacturing vertical, then setting your defaults up will mean that you’ll only see the content associated with EMEA and the Manufacturing industry.

But don’t worry, it’s easy to remove the default filters for any given search or remove them from your user settings at any time. This gives all your reps to stay focused and keep delivering the best content to aid your buyers in their journey to successful customers 👍.

Learn more about how search works here.