Resource Centers Suck the Life Out of Content

Resource Centers Suck the Life Out of Content

At Content Camel, we’re constantly thinking about helping buyers buy, and looking back at building our own resource center on our site, we realized that almost all resource centers fall short from delivering content organized for the buyer.

So why is that?

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And, yeah, ours could be improved too, so we totally understand the struggle, but these issues stuck out as we did our research:

  • Navigation - most resource centers make visitors first decide on the type of content they want to consume as part of the navigation. Video? Case Study? Webinar? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.

  • Missing content that closes deals - resource centers can turn into a mess quickly and, while most content is valuable, decision making content is often buried or missing.

  • Case studies that don’t carry a message - Case studies are a great tool for showcasing social proof, best practices, and de-risking decisions by prospects. Often, case studies buried in resource centers are too long, don’t create urgency to buy, and don’t authentically showcase the voice of the customer

what content to close deals?

As you audit and invest and in content and your overall website resource center, here are some steps to address those issues:

  • Map the buyer’s journey - brainstorm, interview, and discover how prospects want to navigate and explore your content on the resource center. What content matches each buyer stage? What are the best content organization strategies? By topic? By product? By vertical? I bet your team already knows most of the answers.

  • Showcase decision content - Drive your conversions by really highlighting decision-making and evaluation content. Sounds simple, but it’s often missing.

  • Build better Case Studies - Don’t end up with too long; didn’t read case studies. Stick to messaging that resonates and drives urgency. Be authentic and fill the case studies with the voice of the customer - not internal jargon.

Here’s a bit more on resource centers that we covered on our site.

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