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    How to do a Sales Content Audit

    Perform a Sales Content Audit to Streamline Your Sales Process Did you know that the average B2B buyer consumes over 10 pieces of content before making a decision? Of course you know that. So, I bet finding the right piece of content is standing between your sales team and new customers right now. And if your marketing collateral is a jumbled mess across many folders (like I usually see), your sales team is probably missing the content they need to convert a warm lead to a paying customer.

    How a data-driven sales enablement strategy can benefit your team

    Sales enablement is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving revenue success. As the name suggests, sales enablement is all about giving your sales team the tools they need to be successful. While there are many different components that make up a successful sales enablement strategy, one of the most important is data. After all, data tells the true story about your business. It helps you understand what’s working and what isn’t, identify areas for improvement, and make better decisions moving forward 💪 📈

    Resource Centers Suck the Life Out of Content

    At Content Camel, we’re constantly thinking about helping buyers buy, and looking back at building our own resource center on our site, we realized that almost all resource centers fall short from delivering content organized for the buyer. So why is that? Get templates, best practices. Insights. Join our newsletter to take it to the next level And, yeah, ours could be improved too, so we totally understand the struggle, but these issues stuck out as we did our research:

    How to Build a Free Pricing Calculator

    When you really break it down, helping buyers buy is really what your marketing site is all about, right? That’s certainly how we think about things here, at Content Camel. And it was obvious after many sales calls that a pricing calculator would be helpful – even though we have standard pricing (which is pretty rare in the sales enablement space). On average, B2B buyers consume up to eight vendor-created pieces of content and five third-party pieces before making a buying decision, according to research by FocusVision.

    Digital Asset Management Ultimate Guide

    The world of digital content is changing and evolving at an crazy fast rate. New technologies are being developed every day, which means there’s a lot to learn about managing digital assets. The following guide will provide you with the knowledge and insight necessary to manage your digital assets like a pro 🙌 Why do you need a DAM Software Types of DAM systems SaaS DAM On-Premises DAM Hybrid DAM Choosing the right Digital Asset Management System The number of digital assets you need to manage The type of files you need to manage The level of security required The level of flexibility required It should integrate with the existing system It should be customizable DAM Tools for Your Specific Needs DAM Solutions for Sales and Marketing Teams DAM Solutions for SME’s and Startups DAM Solutions for E-commerce businesses Crafting A Digital Asset Management plan Best practices for organizing your sales content library Why do you need a DAM Software With a Digital asset management (DAM) software you are organizing, managing, and protecting your digital files.

    How To Share Videos On Google Drive

    With Google Drive, it’s easy to manage all types of files and content, including videos. But sharing in Google Drive has some idiosyncrasies! Here’s how to share videos on Google Drive: There are several ways to do it: Share by email within Drive – with specific permissions Share with a link in your email program – with specific permissions Share by link publicly To know which to pick, you need to determine your intent for sharing.

    How To Reduce the File Size of a PDF

    So you have a PDF file that’s just a little too big (or really too big!) to send over email. Or upload. What do you do? Luckily, there are several ways to compress a PDF file without sacrificing quality: Compress the file using Adobe Acrobat Pro Compress it on your computer Compress the file using an online compression tool. Compress it on WinRAR. So, there a number of ways to reduce file size, but some methods are more effective than others.

    How To Password Protect Your Google Drive

    One of the most secure locations to store documents, photographs, and videos is within your Google account, which is protected by a password. Unfortunately, Google Drive does not specifically provide file or folder protection. However, it does provide the option to limit access to your files using specific sharing settings. Yes, you can share a folder (or doc) with another Google Account, but sometimes you’re looking to share an asset with a non-Google account.

    90 Day Director Of Marketing Checklist

    New directors of marketing can face serious uphill battles as they step into their new role. Every company and product is different, and so your techniques and strategy will need to adapt as well. Whether you’re working in an industry that’s totally new or so familiar you know it like the back of your hand, there are certain key steps to take when beginning your role as the director of marketing.

    Get Strategic with your Marketing Resource Center

    If you’re anything like me, then you probably have a few favorite websites that you visit on the regular. Whether it’s to get the latest insights on the best sales enablement tools, get tips on How to create a one pager for sales, or to keep in tune with some marketing inspiration. These pages and sites provide valuable information that visitors want to access when they are browsing. Moving beyond just a simple blog, resource centers on your marketing site serve as the gateway to all the great content you’re serving up.

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