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Best practices on content marketing, sales enablement and sales success.

A Product Messaging Template for Repeatable Product Messaging

Organize Your Product Messaging with a Product Messaging Template

Here’s the situation -- you sell products or services, but we’ll just call them “products” for simplicity here. Most of the Sales and Marketing team are on the same page about what your product does -- some of the values and benefits it provides, how it’s a bit different and generally how to talk about it. But, you know that consistency is key to driving understanding with your buyer and that only consistency brings the repeatability that drives word of mouth and smooths out the purchasing cycle. 

And you’re frustrated when you hear the CEO give 3 different short versions of the product message (the “elevator pitch” of your product), and you’re frustrated that every single piece of collateral seems to reinvent the wheel, as you message your product. So, you searched for “product messaging template” or “product positioning guide” and...

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How to Create a Consistent Marketing Message

If you want a consistent and repeatable message across all of your teams and no surprises when you open up that next ebook or sales deck, then you’re going to want to follow the framework here. Yes, there are different types of marketing messages, and just so you know, this isn’t a brand guideline. This is the foundation for your product and marketing messaging that you’ll use on a daily basis -- from short copy on your homepage to creating ads. It starts with a  persona-based approach to build that marketing messaging foundation, and gives you the tools to expand out once that’s in place. 

You’ll focus on these key steps:

  • Map out the frustrations and wants of the individual
  • Capture the fears and aspirations of that individual
  • Build repeatable messaging taking those key emotions and that empathy as gain, loss aversion, and logical arguments

Do you even need a messaging strategy?

Messaging is easy, right? No. And Yes. Well, messages and...

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Ultimate Guide on Content Marketing Salaries (131,963 salary data points)

How much should you pay marketers who are part of your content, product marketing, SEO or sales enablement teams? How much should you ask for during salary negotiations as someone who works in these same functions?

Content is one of the most pivotal functions inside a marketing organization. It is also a newer role and marketers in these roles are often undervalued and underpaid.

That’s why Content Camel put together the Content Marketing Salary Report. We researched and analyzed 131,963 data points from LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Payscale and summarized the results by role and by city.


Director of Content

  • Lower salaries range from $54,000 USD to $84,000 USD. 
  • Average salaries vary from $83,000 USD to $125,000
  • High salaries range from $134,000 USD to $200,000 USD. 

Some of the cities with the highest paying salaries include: Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Hartford, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Portland. 


Content Marketing Manager...

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Product update - custom domains, thumbnails, bulk import, and more

Our biggest update yet

Content Camel helps content marketers launch, measure, and manage the impact of their content and work closely with Sales Enablement to make sure the right content reaches your prospects at the right time. 

We're excited to fill you in that we've been hard at work with our biggest update yet that includes content thumbnailsbulk import, and custom domains.

We've been dodging this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals all week to bring this update directly to you. These new features join a growing powerhouse of capabilities like:

  • Import links as well as all the rest of your content (ebooks, decks, one-pagers, datasheets, battlecards) easily with drag and drop or direct from Google Drive.
  • Smart short URLs added for every publicly available asset
  • Customize short URLs with whatever name you choose (eg
  • Internal / external flag to clearly mark what shouldn't be shared
  • Upvote...
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Content Marketing Salary Report

We researched and analyzed 131,963 salary data points for Content Marketing, Product Marketing, SEO and Sales Enablement Roles from LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Payscale in 40+ cities in North America.