How Video Can Support Your Sales Enablement Strategy

How Video Can Support Your Sales Enablement Strategy

When it comes to sales enablement, there are plenty of tools in your arsenal. Highly trained sales team members. High-functioning, fast-loading sites. Landing pages that collect all the qualifying information you need and live chat options to grab users while they’re on the site.

All these options… and yet video is still one of the most powerful sales enablement tools at your disposal here.

When used correctly, video can help you do everything from educating and training your sales team, to supporting your marketing efforts.

Want to see how? Keep reading, because in this post we’re going to discuss the benefits of using video for your sales efforts. We’ll also share some tips how to better manage your video content so you can get more results.

Reasons Why Video is Effective Sales Enablement

Wondering exactly why video can be so dang useful when it comes to sales enablement? Let’s take a look at why video for sales enablement is a must-have.

Videos Are More Accessible & Convenient

Videos are accessible, convenient, and incredibly easy for everyone to use. They’re easy to watch, save, and share.

Keep in mind that most people want to watch videos. One study found that 83% of respondents preferred watching video compared to just reading or just listening to it. And if you’re able to present content to people in the way they want to consume it, consumption rates and retention rates go up.

People also often process visuals 60,000x faster than text, and it goes without saying that videos are a great fit for both visual and auditory learning styles. It’s the best of both worlds if you want your sales team to get what you’re presenting (ideally without a few loud groans).

Video Content Resonates Better With The Audience

If you ever need to create any kind of emotional appeal, videos are going to be a much more effective way to get your point across. There’s so many visual and auditory cues you can add to videos to really drive your message home.

Sales Team Perform Better With Video Content

There’s no denying that video can be exceptionally beneficial for sales enablement from a performance standpoint, partially because it may make communication easier.

If you want to show your team member how to utilize a new lead scoring tool, for example, you don’t want to just provide written instructions. You’d do much better to create a video walking your team through the tool and demonstrating what features to use.

Similarly, video can help get your sales and marketing teams on the same page. Have someone connected to both departments create instructional content.

Keep in mind that great videos can always be archived for future use, including when you’re onboarding new employees or even external contractors down the line.

Save Training Costs

When you’re using video for training presentations, new employees get to learn on their own time. It also considerably reduces training expenses for you, especially since you can rehash the same videos to new employees as needed.

Keep in mind that with platforms like Content Camel, you can access any of your achieved video content at any point in time. It’s quick and easy to pull up the old training videos or onboarding resources, and that’s as true for new employees as it is for anyone on the team who could use a refresh.


Keep in mind that training costs for new employees are exorbitant, and training often takes away essential time from managers or other high-performing team members. You can cut back on these costs dramatically with strong sales enablement videos during the onboarding process.

How to Use Video to Improve Your Sales Enablement Strategy

There are plenty of ways to use video to support your sales team, and your sales enablement strategy. These are the five most effective ways to do so.

1. Sales Onboarding and Training

Videos make onboarding and initial training materials quick and easy to absorb. This is the easiest path to sales rep training out there.

Videos can be used to:

  • Introduce sales processes and practices
  • Demonstrate how to use different features of key sales enablement tools
  • Outline work processes, including collaboration expectations
  • Outline key selling points
  • Educate about the product and/or services that you’re selling to the team that will be selling it

During the training process, sales reps are exposed to a deluge of information. Video can help them absorb the information faster, and it also is a great reference point that they can always come back to. The same can’t be said for in-person training.

2. Sales Playbook and Framework Development

Your sales team can present new playbooks and framework developments through video to their managers. Video will make it easier for them to demonstrate what the new processes will look like, increasing the odds that managers will sign off.

And when it comes to playbooks or frameworks being shared to sales team members, they’re much more likely to understand complex processes when they’re presented thoroughly through video instead of explained in a meeting or on a Zoom call.

3. Use Videos To Report Sales Performance

Sales performance reports aren’t always the most engaging, but video can help.

You can take time to put together insights with visuals like graphs and tables, highlighting the most important insights. Hearing the overview while seeing the data can make the content easier to understand, and it also allows them to rewind to re-review facts or data points if needed.

4. Product Development And Feature Updates

Have new product updates? Whether it’s pricing model changes, new features, or a new interface, video is hands down the best way to share this with your sales team. It’s also one of the best ways to share this information with your customers, for what it’s worth; you can see an example below.

Your team can actually see new features in action, getting the best idea possible of how they work and how they’ll benefit your customers.

5. Track Engagement

As you’re using sales enablement video strategies, it’s important to keep a close eye on how well your team is responding. Choosing a sales enablement content platform that supports analytics is important.

Content Camel’s Analytics will help you track your video performance, accessing insights related to user engagement. You may find new ways to create more interesting, engaging videos that your sales team will respond to. Your sales team can also request different types of content if needed, opening the door for improved communication.


Wrap Up

Videos are a great way to elevate your sales enablement strategy, and having strong video storage in place is a great place to start.

Content Camel can help you manage your videos in one place. Once videos are stored and organized on our shareable platform, you can effectively use those videos throughout the hiring and sales cycles. A strong sales content strategy is only as valuable, after all, as the ability to find and access those videos when needed.

Ready to start supporting your sales team with sales content management software? Get started with Content Camel today!