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A 7-Step Guide to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

Introduction Wyzowl’s video marketing report found that 92% of marketers feel that video marketing gives them a good return on investment (ROI). Whether that’s in terms of brand awareness, engagement, or even bottom-funnel metrics like leads and sales — the popularity of videos is only expected to rise. It’s a core part of successful marketing campaigns and has changed how companies connect with their clients, potential customers, and industry peers. But many companies still need to understand how this works and what they need to do to get started.

Pricing Strategy and Pricing Models - Optimizing Sales

Pricing is your biggest lever that you probably spend the least amount of time testing and optimizing. I totally understand why – pricing is difficult to change (even when you’re small and especially when you are large), and you have to deal with complex questions of involving existing customers and even prospects in your pipeline. But having a pricing strategy that you manage like your product roadmap has outsized rewards. You can anticipate issues, build a plan, and enable Sales to be significantly more successful.

Content Marketing SEO How To: SEO Focused Content Chapter 5: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions have been a mainstay of the internet since its earliest days. They were originally used by NASA to onboard new users without cluttering message boards with the same tired topics. FAQs have come a long way, and while they may not always be used for something as interesting as space travel, they can still launch your pages into the stratosphere. The first FAQs were developed because NASA’s new hires didn’t read the assigned documentation and inevitably had questions.

How to create a Sales One Pager

If an elevator pitch is the essential distillation of a 20 or 45 minute presentation, a one pager is the same but for your library of product marketing materials. If you haven’t produced any one pagers yet, you are missing a basic tool from your sales enablement toolkit. If you’re expanding on your existing resources, there’s always an opportunity to build a one pager sales pitch that’s just a little bit better.

How to create SEO-Focused Pillar Pages that work

Creating SEO-Focused Pillar Pages How do you cut through all the noise and get on to Google’s front page? Any written content, whether it’s new product pages, blogs, guides, or whitepapers, have the potential to improve your ranking and drive traffic. But will it work? In terms of net new visitors, typically, no. The reality is that most website pages get little to no traffic from Google. It can be a monumental task to rank highly for competitive terms against industry titans or highly optimized sites.

15 Writing Tips to Help You Create Polished Content Drafts

Writing a draft can often feel like navigating through a chaotic maze, where ideas collide and sentences take on a life of their own. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the disorganized nature of the process, leaving many writers feeling stuck or unsure of how to proceed. But, the beauty of drafting lies in its inherent messiness, as it provides an opportunity to explore, experiment, and refine your thoughts into a polished piece.

Creating SEO-Focused Blogs

Blogs are like fish in the sea. Stars in the sky. Leaves on trees in a forest. There are billions of them, they’re all unique, and many are never seen by a human. Why do we spend so much time writing and publishing them? Who are they for? Are they written for existing website visitors or customers? Are they used to send to your newsletter list? Are they there to attract new visitors?

How to Create Content Marketing Workflow That Drives Sales

Content marketing is a popular go-to in B2B and SaaS marketing, but brands sometimes report mixed success. When I start working with new brands that have struggled to get the results they want, I typically find that one or more of three common issues is at fault: There’s a lack of a proper content strategy that considers business goals and your audience There’s a lack of consistency There’s no established content marketing workflow Today, we’re going to talk about the last bullet point: Your content marketing workflow.

Setting Your Team Up for Success - How to Make Successful Sales Calls

As popular as emails are for B2B communications, an enormous amount of business is still happening over the phone. Sales calls (including both phone and video call) specifically play a vital role in the B2B and SaaS buying process, ranging from cold calls, to booked demos, to ongoing communications to customize and close deals. There truly is an art to a great sales call, but it’s also like a science, too.

Content Outlines 101: How to Lay the Foundation for Great Writing

How often have you been stuck staring at a blank page, hoping the words come to you? We’ve all been there, and it’s due to a lack of a standardized writing system. Ideally, when you receive a content brief, it should be easy to jump right in and get cracking because you know what to do and how to do it. But many writers still struggle with getting started—and as someone who has been there, I’m here to tell you that content outlines are your best friend.

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