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    11 Solid Strategies for Creating High-Converting Product Pages

    Product and marketing teams pour their hearts and souls into creating an incredible product line-up and a go-to-market strategy. But if the money-making pages, a.k.a. your product pages, don’t give potential customers what they want, it’ll cost you thousands of dollars and negatively impact your bottom line.
    A terribly designed product page does three things:
    Creates a negative user experience Increases bounce rates Reduces conversion rates So, if you don’t give users what they want, they won’t think twice before navigating away from your website.

    How to Plan Your Content Marketing Budget Like a Pro

    Budgeting for content marketing can be a task. You’ve got limited resources and increasing pressure from leadership to show results. It’s enough to make any marketer’s head spin.
    But what if I told you that you’re not alone? Many marketing leaders out there are dealing with the same fears and uncertainties when it comes to allocating a budget for content marketing.
    Maybe you’re worried that you won’t have enough budget to execute a successful content marketing strategy, or perhaps you fear that you’re wasting your budget on ineffective tactics.

    Is There Really Such a Thing as Sales Enablement?

    Sales enablement is a priority for many businesses right now, to the point where it’s almost a buzzword. There are tools, strategies, and even entire job roles in businesses' dedicated exclusively to sales enablement.
    But is there really such a thing as sales enablement? The answer is both yes and no— sales enablement exists as a goal, and there are plenty of tools and resources designed to help with that.

    Content Marketing SEO How To: Resource Pages

    Resource pages should exist to help buyers buy, or users help themselves.
    They can also be a boon to SEO efforts if done correctly.
    Why else would we put these resources on our websites?
    The truth is, however, resource sections are often an afterthought. Over time, they can become the junk drawer of our websites.
    By defining our objectives and understanding what we can accomplish with resource sections, we can structure the best resource page possible.

    9 Reasons to Rebrand (& How to Justify It!)

    Rebranding is a big deal. Whether you’re only changing your brand’s visual look and logo or you’re going for a total rebrand (complete with new messaging, audience focuses, unique selling proposition, and maybe even an actual new brand name), you’re making intentional changes that can impact how users may perceive you.
    Any kind of rebranding is a high-stakes activity. It also is often expensive and time consuming, even if you’re doing a smaller revamp instead of a complete overhaul of your brand.

    Rebranding: How to Streamline The Internal Rollout Process

    When you’re going through a rebranding process, you need to get your internal team on board. While that may not sound as difficult as developing a rebranding strategy and revamping your brand (however extensively), it can actually be a significant challenge for plenty of businesses.
    Simply put: If your own team doesn’t buy into your rebrand, your customers won’t, either. Everyone needs to commit to it, and that may mean selling the new branding to your internal team members much like you will your customers.

    How to Update Your Assets During a Rebrand

    Rebranding is exciting. It’s also a lot of work, and while most of the attention goes into the effort of the rebrand itself, what comes after can be just as overwhelming and time-consuming.
    We’re referring specifically to updating all of your assets after a rebrand.
    There are so many aspects of your business’s asset inventory spread across multiple channels, which may include videos, podcasts, brochures, blog posts, mobile apps, website presence, directory listings, autoresponder email campaigns, and more.

    How to Pick an Agency for Rebranding

    How to Pick an Agency for Rebranding Rebranding is no easy task. It’s like a home renovation project: It’s expensive, time consuming, requiring some destruction and revamp, and it can even be a little messy.
    As a result, it’s common for businesses to consider working with a rebranding agency to help with the task at hand. A rebranding agency is unbiased, they’re experienced, and they know exactly how to get the job done.

    8 Actionable Tips to Manage Your Freelance Writers With Ease

    Missed deadlines, sloppy content, and playing constant catch-up with freelance writers are signs that your project management is non-existent. As a result, your team’s efficiency and content production take a hit.
    As a content manager, juggling multiple freelancers can be a tiresome task. There are many ways in which you can streamline this process—from using project management tools to giving writers access to internal marketing collateral.
    In this article, we’ll explore eight tips from those who’ve been where you are so that you can meet deadlines, maintain content quality, and keep your content production on track.

    How to Create a Stellar Content Brief (FREE Template)

    Every content manager we’ve spoken to has one issue with production: terribly written first drafts.
    Does this sound familiar to you? Then you’re not alone. It boils down to a lack of standardized content production processes.
    The production process is tedious, and that only worsens if you don’t have the right systems in place. To avoid this, create a solid content production workflow, and incorporate a key ingredient to set your strategy into motion: the content brief.

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